TDS Delivers FTTH in New Hampshire with ADTRAN Gigabit Services Platform

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HUNTSVILLE, AL — TDS, a provider of high-speed Internet, phone and TV entertainment services in more than 150 rural, suburban, and metropolitan areas across the U.S., has chosen the ADTRAN Gigabit Services Platform for its TDS Fiberville FTTH service being deployed in selected New Hampshire communities.

Together, ADTRAN and TDS are allowing residents within Merrimack and Hillsborough counties, including parts of Antrim, Hillsborough and Henniker, to experience seamless, ultra-fast connectivity. The deployment is opening the doors to increased connectivity both at home and in the office. As a result, availability of Gigabit broadband will make the area more attractive for new residents, resulting in increased home values and local economic growth.

Creating a New Foundation for Global Communications
“Residents are living and working in a global society. Having the ability to connect with their office and coworkers, regardless of location, is critical. With better connectivity, residents have a greater opportunity to telecommute and stay connected with their corporate headquarters,” said Ken Paker, CTO and vice president of Network Services at TDS Telecom. “ADTRAN’s Gigabit Services Platform allows us to address the specific needs of residents in parts of Merrimack and Hillsborough counties today while providing the underlying infrastructure necessary for development and growth in the future. We are creating a new foundation for how our customers communicate with the rest of the world.”

As part of an ongoing marketing initiative, TDS Fiberville provides cutting-edge broadband infrastructure so customers can harness the future of technology. With both new and existing fiber deployments, TDS is able to offer ultra-fast download and upload capability, as well as enhanced online video streaming for expanded entertainment options. Customers are also taking advantage of easier telecommuting opportunities. With ultra-fast broadband, employees can work from home and connect without issue, encouraging residents to remain local while attracting others to move in.


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