TDS Expands 8 Gbps Availability in Over 75 Communities

Telco now offers the fastest available speed in much of its fiber footprint.

  • TDS Telecom (TDS)


TDS Telecom has officially quadrupled its fastest available internet speed. Up to 8 Gbps symmetrical service is now the top speed option for homes, and is also available for businesses, in more than 75 communities across the U.S. served over TDS’ fiber infrastructure.

The move means TDS is offering the fastest internet speeds in its recently launched fiber footprint and planned fiber-optic build communities across Idaho, Montana, North Carolina, Washington, and Wisconsin.

“We are committed to being the fastest provider in our fiber communities,” says Andrew Petersen, senior vice president of Corporate Affairs at TDS. “Our rollout of speeds up to 8 Gbps shows how powerful and flexible fiber-optic technology is.”

TDS first offered multi-gig speeds last fall with the launch of up to 2 Gbps in select areas. The company will continue to offer that internet option and a range of symmetrical choices in the areas it offers up to 8 Gbps.

An 8 Gbps plan is ideal for super broadband users, specifically those who use photo or editing programs, stream content, and play mid-to-high-end games. TDS’ up to 8 Gbps offering is symmetrical, with equal upload and download speeds. The robust connection means subscribers can download and upload files—regardless of size—nearly instantaneously, making it well suited for commercial customers as well as households with large, shared internet needs.


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