TDS Launches 1 Gigabit Internet Service in Parts of Dane County, Wis.

MADISON, WI — TDS Telecom announced the launch of 1Gig high-speed Internet service in parts of Black Earth, Middleton, Verona, and Waunakee, Wis. Second District United States Representative Mark Pocan joined TDS for the announcement that the fastest Internet speed in the country is now available in parts of Dane County.

“Reliable access to high-speed broadband is critical to connecting Wisconsin’s rural economy to the digital world,” said U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan. “These critical investments in a broadband infrastructure will help grow the local economies in Verona, Middleton, Waunakee, and Black Earth. Expanding broadband access will also improve economic and educational opportunities for rural communities.”

According to TDS, offering 1Gig Internet service ensures they are meeting the ever-growing demand, by customers, for bandwidth. Real-time entertainment, according to recent data, accounts for more than 67 percent of all downstream Internet traffic during peak hours. With TDS’ 1Gbps download/400 Mbps upload, customers can transfer HD movies in seconds and stream them seamlessly—even on multiple devices.

1Gig Internet Enhances the Attractiveness of the Community
“With a 1Gig connection, our customers can enjoy a reliable and lightning-fast Internet experience,” said Dave Wittwer, president and CEO of TDS Telecom. “Access to high-speed Internet is critical to connecting Wisconsin residents in today’s digital world. Plus, 1Gig can increase home values and enhance the attractiveness of the communities we serve.”

TDS’ 1Gig Internet service is available, as part of a TDS TV bundle, to customers within the company’s fiber-optic network footprint in Dane County.

Fiber Optics Investment Pays Off for the Community
“Customers can order the new speed immediately,” Wittwer added. “For several years, we focused on deploying fiber optics. Now, because of our investment, we can offer TDS TV service and Internet speeds up to 1Gig. We plan to continue investing to bring our customers the technology and services they need and want.”

A free subscription to Remote PC Support is included for all customers who sign up for 1Gig Internet service. Remote PC Support, which provides unlimited access to technical expertise, includes technical assistance with device setup, Internet troubleshooting, computer optimization and safety.

TDS TV, a Mediaroom-based all-digital TV service, features more than 260 all-digital channels (including HD), video-on-demand, pay-per-view, picture-in-picture channel surfing, and instant channel change. In addition, TDS TV includes a Connected-Home DVR, which links all TVs together in a home giving full DVR functionality to each set-top box. Wireless set-top boxes are also available.


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