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MADISON, WI — TDS, an ISP serving nearly 900 rural, suburban, and metropolitan communities across the U.S., now offers its all-digital TV service to business customers for the very first time. The new service is available in communities where TDS TV is currently offered to residential customers. For businesses that already have phone and internet services, adding TDS TV for Business allows customers to simplify billing, technical support, and any account changes. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer TV service to businesses in these communities we already serve,” says Julie Maiers, vice president of marketing and product development at TDS.

With TDS TV for Business, customers will receive crystal-clear digital picture and sound. This also means customers won’t have to worry about inclement weather affecting their signal. Businesses will have access to 110+ channels, with more than 80 channels in high deļ¬nition (HD). Wireless set-top boxes will also allow for TVs to be located in the optimal viewing location, anywhere in the business.

An Array of Sports Channels
TDS TV for Business features an array of major sports channels, including NFL Network, Big Ten Network, MLB Network, Golf Channel, and the SEC Network. Businesses will have the choice of customizing the on-screen programming and the channel lineup guide.

“We’re committed to providing businesses with the most innovative and reliable products and services,” Maiers says. “This new offering is part of that commitment.” To learn more about TDS TV for Business, visit



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