TE Connectivity Frees Up Space With 1.2mm Fiber Patch Cords

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MINNEAPOLIS - In a move that frees up much-needed space in congested data centers and central offices, TE Connectivity announced new 1.2mm fiber patch cords. The new cords require just one-third the space of popular 2.0mm patch cords and one-half the space of 1.6mm patch cords, extending the life of existing fiber management systems. These new patch cords are available with single-mode SC or LC connectors.

As users and applications demand more bandwidth, service providers and data center operators have no choice but to deploy more fiber; however, existing vertical and horizontal fiber management systems are nearing capacity. TE's new 1.2mm fiber patch cords are designed to help operators conserve precious space in fiber management systems and delay investment in new fiber management systems. With this new product, TE has essentially re-engineered the patch cord design and manufacturing process to achieve a stronger, more robust cable in a small-form-factor design.

Although smaller diameter cables typically require more delicate handling, TE's plenum-rated 1.2mm patch cords are robust and are up to three times stronger than many 1.6mm and 2.0mm cables. Traditionally, larger cables are designed to meet the “small form factor” tensile requirement of 9 lb. in industry standards such as Telcordia GR-409. TE’s new 1.2mm cable is rated at 30 lb. by an outside testing lab. Using reduced-bend-radius fiber technology, the 1.2mm patch cords allow for easy routing in electronic equipment bays, which often provide minimal cable routing space and management features.

“This new patch cord family addresses the critical needs of central offices and data centers that are rapidly running out of room to deploy new fiber,” says Jaxon Lang, vice president of the TE Telecom Networks business unit. “We believe that our 1.2mm cable will provide our customers significant time and space savings and quickly become the industry standard for network operators around the world.”


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