TE Connectivity Releases ICM Mobile App

BERWYN, PA - TE Connectivity (TE) has released ICM Mobile, a physical network management tool for use with an active infrastructure configuration manager (ICM) system. ICM Mobile links with your ICM server to coordinate planned work orders and provide direct technician messaging and responses. ICM Mobile with ICM provides efficient management, details and control of the Information Transport System (ITS).

ICM software creates an automated, accurate, real-time physical layer management system that is designed to explore, discover and map all the connections of the network. This allows data center and network managers to simplify the process of all moves, adds and changes (MACs), improve security and reduce operating expense.

Accessible from an iPhone or iPad (with an Android version coming in April) by field technicians, the software delivers:

• Work order selection listing
• Work order synchronization
• Work order / LED activation controls
• Work order step selector / manager
• Auto-detect completion indicators
• Manual completion indicators
• Response attachment handling
• Incident response logging
• Configurable Events and alarms
• Guided setup and configuration validation
• On-screen guidance tips

Field technicians are able to access and complete work orders remotely and can add notes and photos to the work order to report unexpected situations and to document completed work. The system also allows managers to monitor worker progress and to isolate functional areas that might require additional training.

Reduction in Outages
TE Connectivity's Product Manager Gene Malone claims that use of ICM Mobile has resulted in a 60 percent reduction in outages, mainly because in most cases the the diagnoses is done for the technician before he arrives at the physical location, allowing him to immediately begin repairs. Rather than a hour spent diagnosing and fixing the problem, an average work order takes only 20 minutes to complete.

TE Connectivity's customer base is divided equally between data centers and networks and can be scaled from 500 drops up to 3.5 million.


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