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FOXBORO, MA – Telco Systems, a BATM Company, expanded its fiber-to-the-home offerings with an indoor wireless-enabled active Ethernet residential gateway (the EdgeGate 242W) and an outdoor customer-premises gateway with dual 1 Gigabit uplinks (EdgeGate 483D).

The EdgeGate 242W lets service providers deliver triple play services over wireless home networking. It supports both IPTV and RF video, advanced routing capabilities, symmetrical 100 Mbps data streams, and enhanced telephony features like three-way calling, call forward and hold, distinctive ring, and T.38 support for fax over IP. A built-in bridge and router enable customers to connect their home network either through one of four 10/100Base-T LAN ports or the wireless 802.11b/g access point. Analog phone sets can be connected to one of two FXS POTS ports to provide VoIP using SIP signaling protocol.

Designed for indoor installations, the product’s fiber optics cable management module can be installed prior to activation of the service, and the active components can be connected when the service is signed. Service activation is completed easily by the end user with no need to send a technician to the customer’s house.

The EdgeGate 483D offers eight Ethernet ports to support data and video services for computers and TVs, as well as two analog voice ports that can connect to two separate telephone lines that are converted to VoIP. It future-proofs the user’s access connection by supporting either a 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps uplink in the same product, allowing the service provider to start deployment with a 100 Mbps network and upgrade it to 1 Gbps without replacing the CPE. The outdoor design provides separate technician access and subscriber access areas as well as enhanced cable management.

Both products, as P2P equipment, enable providers to offer dedicated bandwidth based on the subscriber’s individual requirements and to offer different services to residential and business customers in the same area. Active Ethernet also supports a pay-as-you-grow philosophy by allowing new subscribers to be added within a 100-km service area at minimal cost.


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