Telco Systems Introduces EdgeGenie Service Management System

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MANSFIELD, MA - Telco Systems announced a new service management platform to address service deployment in Carrier Ethernet and MPLS edge networks - the EdgeGenie Service Management System, designed to give providers new options for managing the Ethernet edge network.

Nir Daube, the company's vice president of product management, points out that as Carrier Ethernet has become a de facto standard in metro and access networks, carriers have begun to consolidate different services on the same infrastructure, increasing network size and complexity and creating a need for bandwidth management in the edge network - that is, between the demarc point and the core network. More intelligence is required in this part of the network if carriers are to maintain guaranteed service levels.

But simply building intelligence into edge devices isn't a sufficient solution, Daube says; carriers also need tools to manage these devices in a cost-effective manner - and that's where EdgeGenie comes in. EdgeGenie lets providers visualize how services are transported across the network end-to-end and how changes to the network will affect network operation.

A robust resource management and optimization application gives carriers a profound understanding of their network bottlenecks, allowing them to ensure customer satisfaction and optimize network resources at the same time. EdgeGenie‘s forecasting and trend analysis tool enables providers to anticipate how adding customers and services will affect the existing network.

Daube says, “The combination of highly intelligent and flexible edge devices that use a common operating system and an intuitive service management platform offers the opportunity for service providers to transform the user experience and differentiate service offerings.”

Other key features of EdgeGenie include:
- Complete FCAPS Network & Service management system, allowing the operator to have a complete fulfillment and assurance management of the network and services.
- Root-cause analysis - Provides a view of the affected services from network faults. This tool allows the NOC operator to quickly understand which network faults affect services and initiate corrective actions.
- Resource management - Allows the operator to pinpoint the heavily utilized links, ports and network elements to understand exactly where the bottlenecks exist and where to invest CAPEX in upgrading bandwidth, or how to distribute traffic across the current network better, without investing additional CAPEX.
- Provisioning engine - Provides smart computation profiles to allow the operator to wisely distribute traffic across the network. In addition, the provisioning engine can configure failover mechanisms and compute redundant paths throughout the network to protect services.
- Network and service planning - allows carriers to run “what if” scenarios on their existing network topology, experiment with new topologies and services planning or estimate enhancements to their existing operational network.
- Service analyzer – simplifies access to information about each service using an intuitive GUI representation of the service.

EdgeGenie supports Telco Systems' line of demarcation and aggregation switches, which are purpose-built for the carrier’s Ethernet edge.


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