Telecom Argentina Chooses Prysmian for FTTH Network

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MILAN, ITALY - Telecom Argentina, the regional carrier for northern Argentina, has selected Prysmian Group to supply and install the passive infrastructure for the first stage of its planned FTTH network. The first stage, which is beginning immediately, will pass 4,000 homes and is expected to connect about 1,600 of them.

Telecom Argentina's FTTH network, based on GPON technology, will be deployed in three different types of urban environments – condominiums, new MDU buildings and residential neighborhoods, and the first stage will test all three scenarios. The company's master plan is to roll out high-speed broadband, mainly in the city of Buenos Aires, to meet the growing consumer demand for faster broadband services. Over the two years that it takes to complete the first stage, Telecom Argentina will formulate the next stages of its rollout.

Products supplied under the Prysmian contract include optical cables – Prysmian’s standard G652 and BendBright G657, bend-insensitive technologies – together with other passive connectivity components to provide the full end-to-end passive network. Prysmian Group is working with installation contractor Valtellina Sud América S.A.


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