Telecom Shake-up Creates Opportunities for Nextera

  • Nextera Communications
MINNEAPOLIS — Uncertainty in the telecom industry is prompting local businesses to take refuge in reliable, local ISPs including Nextera Communications, a Minnesota-owned voice, data, and Internet provider.

In turn Nextera is experiencing a surge of growth as local businesses turn to the provider for high-speed business broadband. In response, the company has added new positions to its technical, sales and provisioning departments. Nextera offers numerous Internet solutions, with broadband speeds up to 1 Gbps of symmetrical, dedicated bandwidth.

Searching for Reliable Internet Performance
“With all of the proposed telecom mergers and acquisitions going on statewide, there’s an air of uncertainty for Minnesota businesses about how changes our competitors are talking about may impact Internet performance,” said Todd Anderson, director of sales. “As a result, I think businesses have a renewed appreciation for our service reliability and our willingness to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction – like offering service level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee high performance. We’re also locally owned, with local technical support available 24/7.”

Established in 2005, Nextera Communications is the first Minnesota telecom authorized as a Competitive Local Exchange Company (CLEC) to deliver data and telephony via a fully digital, managed IP network infrastructure. The network is fully redundant, with smart gateways located in Brainerd, Duluth, St. Cloud and Minneapolis.

“Our facilities and services are as technically advanced as our biggest competitors, plus we offer technologies, like fixed wireless, that some of our bigger competitors can’t,” said Greg Arvig, founder and CEO of Nextera Communications. Arvig also founded US Link, the state’s first regional and long distance company, as well as InfoTel Communications, Minnesota’s first CLEC.


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