Teleplaza Selects Calix for Broadband in Dutch MDUs

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AMSTERDAM – Dutch service provider Teleplaza has chosen the Calix E7-2 and E7-20 Ethernet Service Access Platforms (ESAPs) to deliver advanced broadband services to multi-dwelling units (MDUs) in the city of Tilburg. New student housing and care accommodation for the elderly are among the first projects that will benefit from Teleplaza's new Managed Solutions, which are enabled by a mix of GPON and point-to-point gigabit Ethernet technology. The Calix optical network terminals (ONTs) will be deployed to assist in bringing voice, video, wireless and high-speed data services to the MDU residents.

Students and the elderly residents living in MDUs throughout Tilburg will have access to a variety of advanced broadband services using Teleplaza's fiber-enabled networks. Teleplaza's Managed Solutions will provide in-building networks that provide video surveillance and building security systems, door entry and IP intercom systems, as well as smart metering and home automation, in addition to the ability to provide networked TV reception from communal satellite dishes for all residents. In addition, for elderly care facilities in the city, Teleplaza's solutions will provide residents with access to on-call, high quality video medical services and emergency alert buttons in each unit. With support for both digital and analog video services, Wi-Fi, and a host of other services, Calix ONTs can easily support a unique and tailored subscriber experience that reflects the unique needs of these specialized accommodations.

Working with European network integrator Arcadiz networks, Teleplaza, selected the Calix E-Series platforms as the foundation for its Managed Solution networking architecture for MDU environments, deploying the E7-2 for lower density environments and the E7-20 where customer numbers are of a higher density. The E-Series platforms provide a flexible solution, allowing any mix of GPON and point-to-point GE services, along with all necessary transport capabilities. Key to Teleplaza's business model is the scalability of the E-Series for both point-to-point GE and GPON, giving them the ability to launch with a modest initial investment and growing incrementally as demand for services within the buildings rises.

"Teleplaza was able to make use of the modular and scalable nature of the E-Series and its pay-as-you-grow architecture," said Gaby Lips, managing director at Arcadiz networks. "This, along with the ease of management of the network for Teleplaza, has helped to keep both capital and operating expenditure low. In addition, the Calix solution is a single platform that can handle multiple environments giving the flexibility that allows Teleplaza to quickly grow the network as its customer numbers and services increase."


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