Teleste Builds a RFoG-Based FTTH System for SIEA in France

  • SIEA
  • Teleste Corporation
TURKU, FINLAND – Teleste Corporation, a provider of broadband video and data communication systems and services, has been chosen to supply optical access network equipment to SIEA (Syndicat Intercommunal d'énergie et de e-communication de l'Ain), a municipal cooperative that manages energy and e-communication for the 419 municipalities included in the French eastern region of Ain. This deployment represents a significant European cable-to-fiber upgrade.

SIEA has awarded phase 1 to Teleste, which will bring high-speed data connections to parts of Ain that have little or no access to high-speed Internet. The goal is to build a public broadband network that will cover more than 90 percent of homes and businesses in the region by 2014. The value of phase 1 deployment is approximately $2.6 million, and includes an option to continue equipment deliveries during phase 2. The estimated value of phase 2 deliveries is $2 million.

RFoG to Open New Opportunities for ISPs
During 2013, Teleste plans to deliver optical access network equipment to serve a customer base of 45,000 potential network subscribers. Teleste’s advanced solution is one of first significant implementations in Europe in which RFoG technology will be used to provide DOCSIS-based data services for customers in FTTH networks. Replacing the coax portion of the hybrid fiber coax (HFC) network by a single-fiber passive optical network (PON), RFoG technology opens up new business opportunities for operators especially in areas where coax network is not available. With the RFoG technology, operators are able to increase network capacity in a cost-efficient way, utilizing their existing provisioning and billing systems, as well as the traditional HFC network equipment.


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