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CRANBURY, NJ and TURKU, FINLAND — Antronix, a designer and manufacturer of broadband products in the United States, and Teleste, a provider of video and broadband technologies and related services in Europe, have entered a joint venture to offer next generation gigabit cable access network solutions to the North American broadband markets. The joint venture, whose majority shares are owned by Teleste, will operate under the name Teleste Intercept and combine the companies’ Next Generation products and access network technologies.

Headquartered at the Antronix offices in Cranbury, New Jersey, the enterprise will capitalize on Teleste’s expertise and leadership in intelligent, DOCSIS 3.1 compliant network technologies in the European cable broadband footprint, as well as Antronix’s Intercept eHFC line of products, and its industry permeation and solid reputation spanning three decades. The resulting line of products will provide the industry with the latest data delivery technology available in a seamless, hybrid fiber coaxial end-to-end network platform.

A Hybrid Fiber Coaxial End-to-end Access Network Offering
“We look forward to combining our capabilities and expertise with Teleste to deliver innovative, next generation broadband technologies,” says Neil Tang, president of Antronix. “For more than 30 years, Antronix has provided the material framework that has supported broadband cable service to millions of households. With Teleste, we are creating a compelling end-to-end access network offering. Our Intercept eHFC FTTT (fiber to the tap — tap being the equipment in a cable network closest to the customer’s home) solution is an excellent complement to Teleste’s mastery of Fiber Deep and Remote PHY (a new cable architecture that distributes some of the processing deeper into the network) access nodes and innovative telemetry and monitoring solutions. This technology venture will address the needs of a quickly evolving landscape for decades, when offered as a comprehensive solution. The joint venture solves many of the challenges of network scalability and the ever-increasing data demand cable service providers will face in the next evolution of their networks.”

With more than 60 years of experience in the cable industry, Teleste is a clear market leader in access nodes and 1.2 GHz network deployments. Since 2013, Teleste has been developing its distributed architecture offering with the first Remote PHY nodes launched in Europe.

“We are truly excited to enter this joint venture with Antronix, a company with an excellent reputation and strong position in the U.S. cable broadband market,” shared Hanno Narjus, SVP of Network Products at Teleste. “Emergence of Distributed Architecture is changing the world for cable broadband operators as the new technologies enable significant increase in the broadband speeds to engage subscribers. Additionally, our well-proven Intelligent Network concept offers another major opportunity area for operators who wish to improve network reliability and service availability. We are pleased that working together with Antronix, we will be able to bring the North American operators new, viable options for driving a customer-oriented business fulfilling consumer’ expectations for increased speed and service uptime.”

In its first phase, the joint venture will bring Teleste’s DOCSIS 3.1 compliant intelligent optical nodes, headend optics and Remote PHY devices – fitted to meet the local industry requirements - to the North American markets. These will be available alongside Antronix’s line of optical products and innovative multi-gigabit eHFC offering. The product portfolios from both companies form a comprehensive line-up, ranging from Fiber Deep to Distributed Access Architectures and eHFC FTTT Brownfield migration solutions. Antronix’s core branded products – including indoor and mainline passives, multi-taps, residential amplifiers, and point-of-entry filters – will remain under the Antronix portfolio.

Self-adjusting and Remotely Controllable Devices
A unique feature of Teleste’s broadband nodes is the combination of hardware and software that makes the devices self-adjusting and remotely controllable via the company’s advanced network management tools. This concept, Intelligent Networks, creates cost efficiency, and builds a better consumer experience by increasing service availability. Utilizing intelligence brings operators significant business value through improving operations and enhancing help desk subscriber experience.

Antronix Intercept eHFC
Launched in August 2015, Antronix Intercept eHFC is an xPON DOCSIS Hybrid FTTT technology that delivers additional data throughput at the distribution point. The solution is fully interoperable and complementary with DOCSIS and Remote PHY network architectures. Intercept’s eHFC FTTT solution provides cable service providers with an economically viable roadmap for brownfield migration to widely available gigabit services. The Intercept eHFC Lancet Series Optical Tap is capable of high frequency DOCSIS 3.1 performance up to 1784 MHz, enabling full spectrum DOCSIS 3.1 functionality, whether in distributed access architectures, Fiber Deep, or traditional HFC access network platforms. The eHFC solution provides fully programmable gigabit speeds which can be targeted to high demand data subscribers without node segmentation, and significantly reduced cost per incremental bit rate performance as compared with XPON FTTP.


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