Tellabs Delivers Optical LAN-Based Network Services to Atlanta High-Rise

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NAPERVILLE, IL – Park Place, a 40-story, 242-unit luxury condominium complex in Atlanta, has deployed Optical LAN solution from Tellabs, a provider of passive optical network (PON) solutions. As part of a deployment with Atlanta-based next-generation engineering firm IP UtiliNET, Tellabs Optical LAN was selected to modernize and streamline the condominium’s network to support multiple advanced services and meet the residents’ evolving bandwidth needs.

Tellabs’ fiber-based Optical LAN provided Park Place with a smart networking solution. It delivers the bandwidth that residents require for their current devices and voice, data and video applications. In addition, as a result of fiber’s nearly unlimited bandwidth, Tellabs Optical LAN can support migration to next-generation technologies, such as voice-over-IP (VoIP), integrated music systems, exterior surveillance and access control, all without requiring infrastructure replacement.

Compared to the traditional copper-based networking solution, Optical LAN’s fiber endpoints within each condo offer four times more capacity. The superior bandwidth and density of optical fiber translates into maximum scalability for the Park Place Optical LAN. Individual residents today receive incredibly fast Internet, which is burstable up to 1 Gbps. The Optical LAN design also enables IP UtiliNET to engineer the signal-distribution capacity for incremental delivery of 10 Gbps service.

Ease of Deployment throughout Building
Tellabs Optical LAN is also simpler and easier to deploy throughout a building such as Park Place. It converges separate service-specific networks, such as voice, data, video and wireless, into a streamlined, single fiber architecture. This results in less equipment and cabling compared to copper, making it a more cost-effective solution. Tellabs Optical LAN also centralizes all management functions for the entire network, enabling technicians to configure and reconfigure connectivity and services for individual users much faster and more easily than they could with multiple traditional networks.

“The previous communications infrastructure created a fragmented mess in the facility,” said David Quinn, CEO of IP UtiliNET. “The beauty of the converged Tellabs Optical LAN solution is the ability to provide a residence like Park Place with a state-of-the-art high-speed network, while enabling it to reduce budgetary consumption from day one and significantly lower the total cost of ownership over a 10-year period.”

“In the Internet of Things era, residences like Park Place are challenged to keep pace with their residents’ connectivity needs,” said Tom Ruvarac, vice president of business development at Tellabs. “Our Optical LAN solution has proven to be ideal because it supports modern and future connectivity needs with a future-proof infrastructure, strengthening the building management’s ability to retain existing owners and attract new tenants.”


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