Tellabs Optical LAN Simplifies the Internet of Things for Sinclair Holdings

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DALLAS — Tellabs, a provider of passive optical LAN solutions, and VT Group, a global systems integrator, deliver three innovations that simplify the network of intricate Internet of Things (IoT) implemented at Sinclair Holdings' downtown Fort Worth Texas buildings – the Sinclair Building, the STS Tower and the Hotel Texas Annex. The three innovations include Tellabs Optical LAN for single fiber-based connectivity of multiple buildings, digital power plus Power over Ethernet (PoE) for IoT device low-voltage powering and network management innovation with Tellabs Panorama PON Manager.

The Sinclair Building, the STS Tower and the Hotel Texas Annex are a great showcase of three innovations within one fiber-based LAN design. Connectivity innovation is present with Tellabs Optical LAN that provides four times the gigabit Ethernet port density in 90 percent less building space and 300 times better reach than traditional copper-based LANs. Powering innovation is achieved by leveraging low-power intelligent devices and powering them with packetized Digital Power and Power over Ethernet (PoE). This method of powering is more reliable, safer and less expensive to implement. Network management innovation is achieved with Tellabs Panorama PON Manager, which provides centralized intelligence and centralized management from one console and one screen, while promoting plug-and-play for easy IT network operations.

Managing a Single Networks that Serves Multiple Buildings
“With the innovative network design from VT Group and Tellabs Optical LAN, we reduced the construction impact on cable raisers, horizontal cable pathways and telecom rooms, which was very important considering we were modernizing historic buildings,” said Farukh Aslam, managing partner at Sinclair Holdings. “The one centralized Tellabs Optical LAN Optical Line Terminal located at the one main data center at the Sinclair building offers a tremendously efficient means to manage and operate a single network that serves multiple buildings and mixed-use tenants.”

“The innovative Tellabs Optical LAN architecture provides the network connectivity and capabilities Sinclair Holdings’ tenants and hotel guests demand, without impacting the historic buildings' limited space for equipment rooms and cable pathways,” said Mike Dagenais, Tellabs president and CEO. “Our 2016 Global Partner of the Year, VT Group, played a key role in designing and delivering an end-to-end solution that assured that Sinclair Holdings’ staff, tenants and hotel guests enjoy the best connectivity experience available."


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