Tellabs Shows New Mini ONT at FTTH Conference

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NAPERVILLE, IL — Optical LANs have become the technology of choice to deliver voice, data and video to workplaces as enterprises and government agencies seek innovative ways to lower IT costs.

To round out its optical LAN portfolio, Tellabs recently introduced what it says are the world’s smallest enterprise ONTs. The 100 Series Mini Optical Network Terminals fit anywhere, mounting in a standard wall outlet or cubicle raceway. The new devices were on view at the FTTH Conference this week.

Out of Sight
Purpose-built for enterprise networks, Tellabs new Mini ONTs

  • Reduce cabling requirements and exposure to damage or theft, as no ONTs are sitting on or under desks

  • Minimize the need for space in the communications closet

  • Eliminate fiber jumpers and desk/wall mounts

  • Require no power or battery back-up at the desktop, as they’re remotely powered from the communications closet

  • Lower deployment costs.

  • A single fiber provides voice, video and data services. The solution delivers Tellabs All-Secure PON for high security, with the fiber terminated in the wall outlet.

    Small, but Powerful
    “Tellabs Optical LAN saves government and enterprise customers money, energy and space. The new Tellabs Mini ONT makes Optical LAN even better because it fits in your hand, yet offers cutting-edge enterprise ONT features,” says Dan Kelly, acting president and CEO of Tellabs. “Our new Mini ONTs install in a wall outlet, which enterprises are used to. Still, they deliver all the cost, efficiency and security advantages of Optical LAN.”

    The Tellabs 120W ONT installs in office walls using a standard single gang form-factor. It provides two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with Power-over-Ethernet to the user. The 120C ONT installs in standard cubicle raceways with the same interfaces and feature set as the Tellabs 120W ONT.

    The first Tellabs 100 Series Mini ONTs are scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2012 and will be generally available in early 2013. Future extension modules, which will become available in 2013, will provide Wi-Fi, CATV, additional Gigabit Ethernet ports, telephone jacks and ZigBee wireless connectivity.

    Optical Distribution Hubs
    The new Tellabs 500 Series of Optical Distribution Hubs (ODH) increase optical LAN deployment efficiency and cost savings. The ODH serves as an integrated optical splitter and power source for Tellabs 120 Mini ONTs. Just 1 RU by 19 inches wide, the ODH fits in the communications closet or even in ceiling zone boxes or raised floors, further reducing overall space requirements. The first Tellabs 553 ODH model will be released in the fourth quarter of 2012.


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