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TEMPE, AZ — The Tempe City Council approved an agreement that could bring Google Fiber to Tempe. Approval of the video services license agreement is an important next step in the process of working to bring the ultra high-speed Internet service to the Valley. The agreement gives Google Fiber permission to build and operate a new fiber-optic network in Tempe.

If Google Fiber ultimately expands to the area, Tempe could be among the first cities in America to have Google's ultra high-speed Internet. Along with high speed Internet service, Tempe could benefit from more economic development and worldwide recognition as a tech center. Gigabit Internet service is still rare. Not every state in America has a city receiving gigabit data speeds.

“Tempe is a city for innovative people. More and more entrepreneurs, innovators, and businesses are moving to Tempe because they are attracted to what we offer and are excited about where we are going,” said Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell. “With the possible addition of Google Fiber, Tempe is about to become even more attractive. Not only will our residents be on the cutting edge of tech, but this type of service will spur new economic development across our city.”

Google Fiber Jobs
Jobs are already forthcoming. If Google Fiber comes to the Phoenix Metro area, among other positions, the company intends to hire a Community Impact Manager to work directly with community leaders, residents, and other stakeholders to oversee work around digital inclusion. Those interested in that position, or others in the area, may visit www.google.com/jobs.

“Tempe has been great to work with as we’ve explored bringing Google Fiber to the city, and this Video Services License is an important next step for our progress in the area. We look forward to continuing to work with Tempe and the rest of the Valley as we consider bringing superfast Internet to metro Phoenix,” said Angie Welling, Google representative.

Google Fiber has been working with the cities of Tempe, Phoenix and Scottsdale since announcing its interest in bringing Fiber to the region in February 2014. The Phoenix and Scottsdale city councils are also expected to vote on similar license agreements for those cities soon.

Google/Tempe Timeline

2006 – 2008: Google operates an office at Arizona State University in Tempe.
March 2010 — Tempe responds to Google’s call for cities interested in Google Fiber. Thousands of Tempe residents and businesses support the idea of high speed Internet through Google Fiber. Ultimately, Google Fiber built its first network in Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri.
February 2014 — Google Fiber announces interest in expanding to nine metro areas across the United States, including the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Google Fiber begins working closely with the cities of Tempe, Phoenix and Scottsdale.
October 2014 — Google names Tempe its 2014 Arizona E-City, stating Tempe has the strongest online business community in the state.
July 30, 2015 — Tempe City Council approves a 10-year renewable agreement that would allow Google Fiber the opportunity to provide video services and offer Gigabit Internet access through a fiber network to be built. The timeline, areas of coverage and costs of these services remain to be determined.


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