Tennessee Getting Latest Upgrade to its Xfinity 10G Network

Multi-gig speeds will be among the fastest in the region.

NASHVILLE, TN – Comcast announced today that its latest Xfinity 10G network updates are rolling out to homes and businesses across Middle, West, and East Tennessee. These network enhancements will benefit customers at all speed tiers and price points. With these improvements, Comcast is also rolling out new download speeds up to 2 gigabits per second (Gbps) and 5x to 10x faster upload speeds.

These Tennessee markets are the latest communities in Comcast’s southeastern region to roll out these Xfinity 10G network enhancements, setting the stage for the introduction of new symmetrical multi-gigabit internet options that can be delivered across Comcast’s existing networks with less cost.

“Connecting Tennesseans to fast, secure, and reliable internet service has never been more critical,” said Jason Gumbs, Regional SVP at Comcast. “Through our network innovation and investments, we continue to connect more residents and businesses while partnering with the state to expand our network to rural and underserved areas.”

Comcast has invested nearly $629 million in technology and infrastructure improvements in its Tennessee network over the last three years.

Xfinity customers connect nearly 1 billion devices across the company’s network annually. The Xfinity 10G network with the next-generation Xfinity gateways deliver advanced Wi-Fi technology carrying three times more bandwidth to power streaming, gaming, videoconferencing, and more simultaneously. More than a third of Xfinity internet customers subscribe to gigabit speed products, and symmetrical gig speeds are planned to come to the first homes later this year.




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