The Light Brigade Releases New Fiber Optic Training DVD

  • FTTH
TUKWILA, WA — A new menu-based DVD, Fiber Optic System Design, issued by fiber optic training company The Light Brigade shows how to design a future-proof fiber optic transmission system. The content covers the design of local, metropolitan and wide-area networks, including physical layout, component integration and calculating loss budgets.

Individual chapters cover different types of networks, ranging from simple point-to-point networks to more advanced DWDM, ROADM and FTTH/FTTB systems. There is a special focus on causes of signal quality degradation, including attenuation, dispersion (for single-mode fibers) and bandwidth (for multimode fibers). New technologies for 100 Gbps systems are discussed, and challenges and examples are provided for various applications. The chapters include:

  • The design process
  • Transmission systems
  • Multimode bandwidth
  • Multimode loss budgets
  • Single-mode dispersion
  • Single-mode loss budgets
  • WDM
  • ROADMs
  • FTTH
  • System integration

  • Bonus materials include a student quiz, with matching instructor version, written in Microsoft Word format to allow for customization for specific needs.


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