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PETALUMA, CA? A trio of Kansas telcos – H&B Communications, JBN Telephone Company and Home Communications (HCI) – recently launched fiber-to-the-home projects, and each has selected Calix access platforms and optical network terminals (ONTs) to bring broadband to their rural subscribers.

All of them will use GPON technology with either the Calix C7 multiservice access platform or the E7 Ethernet service access platform, which support Internet access at speeds of up to 1 Gbps. Customers will include residences, businesses and community anchor institutions.

All three projects are funded by loans and grants made under the broadband stimulus program. Calix has been a major beneficiary of the broadband stimulus program, with awards from seven projects in Kansas alone and 54 altogether. Typically, about 15 percent of FTTH project funding is for equipment of the sort that Calix supplies.

Lifeline to the World
H&B will use its $8.2 million award to provide IPTV, very high-speed data and reliable voice services to approximately 2,000 underserved rural subscribers in the areas surrounding Claflin and Ellinwood, Kansas. New E7-2 platforms with 10GE transport services will interconnect with a 10GE ring provided by existing C7 platforms to provide high-capacity connectivity across the entire H&B network.

"Advanced broadband services are the lifeline to the world for the rural communities that we serve," says Rob Koch, general manager at H&B. "With an advanced fiber access infrastructure, our subscribers can rely on our networks to not only meet their expanding local communications and entertainment needs, but to conduct business and interact with other parts of the world as well without any penalty for living in a rural area."

JBN will use its $3.3 million award to build an advanced GPON infrastructure in six rural communities. C7 platforms at each exchange will be connected via a 10 gigabit Ethernet ring for high-capacity broadband transport. JBN will also employ Compass Flow Analyzer to monitor network traffic flow data in real time and assist in proactive troubleshooting across its Calix network, its legacy access equipment and the network at it sister company, Haviland Telephone Company.

"We understand that advanced broadband services are critical to the quality of life and economic development of the rural communities that we serve," says Mark Wade, president and general manager of JBN. "Our stimulus award will allow us to bring one of the most advanced broadband infrastructures in the country to the residences and businesses of our seven westernmost exchanges and our Barnes exchange. We look forward to working with Calix on this transformational initiative, and to bringing our rural subscribers an advanced broadband service experience that will be superior to that in most major cities."

HCI will use its $2 million award to provide radio frequency (RF) video overlay, ultra-high-speed Internet access and reliable voice services throughout its Canton exchange. 10GE transport services will provide high-capacity connectivity to the rest of the HCI network, and 721GE ONTs will provide a rich fiber access interface into each home.

"For years we have recognized the need for advanced broadband services in Canton, but we just could not make the business case work to justify the expense," said Carla Shearer, president and general manager at HCI. "The broadband stimulus award has given us the opportunity to dramatically alter the fortunes of this rural community, bringing a world-class fiber access infrastructure to the region and new opportunities to its citizens."


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