Tilgin Launches Gigabit Platform for Home Gateways

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STOCKHOLM - Access equipment vendor Tilgin announced a full gigabit platform for home gateways.

The new platform, Simba, will be the basis for Tilgin's future gateway models - both integrated access devicees and media-centric home gateways with storage - and is designed to support what the company sees as the future requirements of home networking: very high speeds over both wired and Wi-Fi connections, transparent access to any data on the home network, quality of service, and security.

For users, being able to access services and files located anywhere in the home is a convenience. For operators, it represents new revenue streams from Internet access, backup, storage, remote access, home control and security.

Simba supports services that require nearly 2 Gbps throughput of service-aware routing. All sessions are set up in the CPU and then pushed to the packet processor engine, which accelerates traffic without impacting other running services. To support quality of service requirements, a virtual process engine can run any service separate from other services, reducing the risk of application conflicts (voice can be isolated from data, for example).

Wi-fi is supported with “air speed routing,” meaning that there are no physical limitations between the link layer of the air interface and the routing in the gateway. There is also a function for smart handling of the MAC layer that offloads the main processor by executing all real-time and processor-intensive operations on-chip.

Simba also supports up to 200 Mbps of encrypted traffic. It has a dedicated encryption engine that provides the power required to enable fast and secure remote access. The encryption engine supports several standards, including IPSEC, SRTP and https.

The new platform is designed in accordance with Tilgin's program for low environmental impact over the complete life cycle. It supports such demanding requirements as EUP and CoC.


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