Tilgin Releases New Fiber Termination Unit

  • Tilgin
STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - Tilgin, a provider of solutions for multiplay and next-generation broadband access, announced the launch of MSA970, a fully managed fiber termination unit with Gbps media conversion.

Discreet and easy to install, the MSA970 separates the point-of-fiber termination in the home from the service-enabling home gateway. It has a passive component that is included in installation and an optional active component that can be installed later by the end user.

“We have worked intensely on design and usability when we developed the MSA970,” says Eric Hjelmestam Tilgin’s VP for solution management and marketing. “One key challenge for the R&D team was to give operators the means for speedy fiber installation and at the same time give end users a home décor-designed product. The MSA970 reinforces our Flexible Premises Solution and gives operators a solid business case.”

The total solution with separation of optical termination from the home gateway also gives optimal Wi-Fi performance. End users can place the Wi-Fi-enabled home gateway in the location of their choice and the easy-click system enables them to handle the MSA970 active installation themselves. MSA970 comes with an option for analog TV, RF-overlay.


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