Tilgin Solution Enables Subscriber Handling of Devices

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STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - Tilgin, a provider of solutions for multiplay and next-generation broadband access, unveiled tGem – a solution for the handling of devices in the home.

The release includes improvements to the handling of a large population of devices, allowing tGem to offer the granularity to manage one device as easily as one million; the release also includes enhancements to Home Network mapping. This feature is an important step towards the paradigm shift to full subscriber handling, directly within an ACS context.

Enhanced Home Network Map
The enhanced Home Network map provides great value by simplifying the daily operations of helpdesk personnel. Within one view, the home network is graphically laid out with wireless and fixed clients as well as all relevant service details. The Home Network map gives a help desk agent an instant view of the subscribers’ home and this can shorten handling time and increase customer satisfaction.

The Home Network map can include several TR-069 compliant devices and their dependency; therefore it provides value from the most simple to the most advanced ones. This feature is central as tGem moves towards the subscriber centric paradigm. In this new approach, tGem enables operators to focus on their subscribers, seamlessly using data throughout their OSS/BSS ecosystem, from CRM to ACS systems.

“As we now introduce subscriber entities in tGem, our solutions will include new and innovative features such as tracking a subscriber’s full history of devices, giving added value to multi-device homes, preserving subscriber’s own configurations across device generation changes, and many others,” says Eric Hjelmestam, Tilgin's vice president of solution management & Marketing.


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