Time Warner Cable Builds Fiber to NYC Businesses

BROOKLYN, NY Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC), a division of Time Warner Cable, says it plans to invest $25 million this year expanding its fiber optic network to business locations in New York City and offering Internet access speeds up to 1 Gbps. The fiber network is separate from the company's hybrid fiber-coax infrastructure, which is widely available throughout New York City, and it offers a suite of data, video and voice services.

TWCBC made its announcement at the Brooklyn Navy Yard - a 300-acre business complex, previously an underserved "digital island," where it is finishing a multimillion dollar fiber investment.

New York City's Digital Strategy
New York City government is encouraging investment in fiber infrastructure as part of its plan to attract growth businesses that rely heavily on advanced communications technology. Its digital strategy includes partnering with private sector partners on infrastructure investments and expanding broadband accessibility in public computing centers. Ken Fitzpatrick, president of Time Warner Cable Business Class, East Region, said, “We are very pleased to work with the City of New York to make significant investments to ensure that this city has the technology infrastructure to successfully compete in a worldwide marketplace. Our fiber optic network provides dedicated Internet access at incredible speeds and high-bandwidth capabilities to serve the communications needs of any business.”

In another move that supports the city's digital strategy, TWCBC will provide a state-of-the-art Learning Lab, or computer center, in the employment center of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The Learning Lab, located inside the massive complex, will be accessible to the public and will provide free access to computers and high-speed Internet. Andrew H. Kimball, president and CEO of the nonprofit Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, commented that “the Learning Lab grant will support our efforts to prepare local residents for jobs in the Navy Yard.” Local residents will be encouraged to visit for job training and placement services.

Time Warner Cable has opened six Learning Labs in New York City and plans to have 40 such facilities open during the next several years.

A Small Business Helped by Fiber
The Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network (HITN), one of first TWCBC fiber clients in the Navy Yard, is using the technology to deliver educational programming across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, as well as to improve its business operations.

HITN CEO Jose Luis Rodriguez said, “Switching to Time Warner Cable Business Class’s fiber optic network has proven to be very cost-effective for HITN, and the additional benefits – the ability to access additional bandwidth quickly and fiber optic stability – make it much easier for us to grow our telecommunications initiatives, from HITN-TV, which reaches over 40 million homes in the US and Puerto Rico, to our new cloud-based educational programs, including HITN Learning.”

TWCBC is also investing to ensure that Manhattan businesses have access to fiber-based technology. A project to bring fiber access to all tenants of the Empire State Building was recently completed, and TWCBC is continuously extending its fiber network to business locations such as the World Trade Center, the Flatiron District, all areas of Midtown and throughout the Financial District, among other areas.

In Brooklyn, Time Warner Cable is making investments to serve the borough’s business community. In addition to building out fiber at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, TWCBC is making investments to serve other business locations such as Brooklyn Tech Triangle, the Brooklyn Army Terminal and Industry City, in addition to other business locations.

Businesses in Long Island City, as well as other emerging areas in Queens, are also continuing to receive fiber investments from TWCBC. The company is also investing in Staten Island to bring this advanced technology to the borough’s business community.

Time Warner Cable Business Class’s local service area includes Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and western Brooklyn, Mt. Vernon, NY, as well as Bergen and Hudson Counties in New Jersey.


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