Ting Internet Introduces Whole Home Wi-Fi

Fiber provider rolls out new worry-free Wi-Fi subscription powered by eero.

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Ting Internet launched a new “Whole Home Wi-Fi” package to ensure faster, more reliable, and gap-free Wi-Fi coverage throughout an entire home—which is especially beneficial for residences with particularly large square footage. 

Available in all of Ting’s established markets, this new service will be available as an add-on subscription for new and existing customers. Offered in two tiers, Ting’s Whole Home Wi-Fi is ideal for large or multi-story homes where traditional routers may provide insufficient coverage. To achieve this service, Ting has teamed up with eero, an Amazon company, to deliver a mesh wifi system that leverages eero TrueMesh technology that works across multiple eero devices to send strong Wi-Fi connection in every direction throughout a home.

“Ting’s fiber internet delivers upload and download speeds that far surpass what anyone can get reliably from cable. But, the internet experience is only as good as the Wi-Fi that makes it from the router to your devices,” said Dominic Scott, Senior Product Manager, Ting Internet. “With eero, we can deliver strong whole home coverage to our customers with larger homes, ensuring they can benefit from reliable Wi-Fi wherever they are in their space. Better yet, our team will have more capabilities to remotely identify potential issues and make corrections in real time.”

“With a deep commitment to providing fast, reliable, fiber internet and a growing national footprint, Ting is an ideal partner for eero,” said Dana Lindsay, Chief Operating Officer, eero. “eero’s TrueMesh technology helps deliver whole-home, seamless Wi-Fi coverage that will delight and empower Ting’s customers.”

Unlike most competitors, Ting does the hard work of selecting the best number of devices to give great Wi-Fi coverage for your home. Interested customers will pick between Ting’s “Whole Home WiFi” or “Whole Home WiFi+” package, which cover up to 2,000 square feet and between 2,000 to 5,000 square feet, respectively. These packages are based on square footage, and Ting will assess and provide as many eero devices required to create the ultimate Wi-Fi experience.  “Our Whole Home Wi-Fi solution takes the stress out of keeping track of the latest technology and how many devices you need,” added Scott. “If a new model is released that provides a better Wi-Fi experience, we can include it in the same plan. At the end of the day, we are on a mission to provide the best customer experience possible.”


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