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SOLANA BEACH, CA — Ting, a division of Tucows, announced Solana Beach joins Fullerton (announced April 2019) to become the second fiber Ting Town in California and tenth Ting Town in the U.S.

Ting Internet’s mission is to bring better internet access and exceptional customer experience to cities and towns across the US. Working with public and private infrastructure owners is one of the approaches Ting internet takes to realize this mission. To that end, Netly is building the city-wide fiber-optic network in Solana Beach past 7,000 addresses, allowing Ting Internet to focus on lighting the network and offering the very best in customer service.

Residents and businesses can pre-order Ting Internet now at ting.com/solanabeach. Netly anticipates Ting Internet will be able to light the first customers later in 2020.

Fiber to the Premises

Ting Internet will offer service on the infrastructure of the future: a gigabit fiber network bringing true fiber to the premises (FttP) of every home and business it serves. In other words, every serviced home or business has its own fiber connection directly to the Internet, enabling lightning-fast, low latency, highly reliable Internet access.

Ting Internet launched in 2015 in Charlottesville, VA and has since brought fiber access to towns and cities in North Carolina, California, Idaho, Maryland and Colorado. 

Pre-Orders Open for Solana Beach

Solana Beach residents can pre-order Ting crazy fast fiber Internet now at ting.com/solanabeach. Pre-ordering demonstrates local demand and secures the best possible break on start-up costs on Ting gigabit service, including the full cost of installation. A one-time $9 pre-order is returned as a credit on a customer’s first Ting bill.

Network construction is slated to begin in 2020 and will run in neighborhood phases. These construction phases will be visible on the Solana Beach Ting Town page at ting.com/solanabeach when construction commences. This page will be updated regularly as milestones are reached.

Ting Internet offers symmetrical gigabit fiber internet for residential, small business, and enterprise customers. Home gigabit internet costs $89 a month. Business gigabit internet costs $139 a month. Enterprise internet service levels, installations and pricing vary and can be discussed with our local Enterprise team.


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