Ting to Build Gigabit Fiber Network in Holly Springs, NC

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HOLLY SPRINGS, NC — After residents of Holly Springs, N.C., watched the Google Fiber crew pass their city by on their way to wire Raleigh-Durham for gigabit Internet, they're finally seeing gigabit service coming their way thanks to Ting Internet. Holly Glen will be the first neighborhood in Holly Springs, NC to get crazy fast fiber.

"Internet speed and infrastructure is an issue that is on the national agenda," says Elliot Noss, CEO of Ting and its parent company Tucows. "While it's obviously very important to get major metros connected with fast fiber Internet, Ting Internet is proving that the fastest Internet access available isn't just for city centers. Smaller cities and towns need faster, more reliable Internet too. Maybe even more so."

First Homes Connected by 2016 Year End
Holly Glen and surrounding neighborhoods including Braxton Village, Holly Pointe and others, will be the first Holly Springs neighborhoods to get gigabit fiber Internet. "We go where we're needed and wanted most," says Adam Eisner, VP of networks at Ting Internet. "We use pre-orders to determine where the strongest desire lies. Holly Glen reached that tipping point quickly and we're eager to get started. By the end of 2016, we plan to have the first homes in Holly Glen connected with Ting crazy fast fiber Internet."

Because Holly Springs' explosive growth has been a relatively recent phenomenon, the majority of its infrastructure is underground. That's where Ting fiber Internet infrastructure will live too. The Ting Internet team publishes regular network build updates and major updates at Ting Holly Springs.

Ting Internet installation costs vary by location but are not more than $200 for a home or $400 for an individual business. The Ting Internet Box, which doubles as a high-speed wireless router, costs $199 up front or $9/mo. Ting symmetrical gigabit Internet costs $89/mo. for a home or $139/mo. for a business. There is also a low cost, non-core offering for $19/mo. for 5/5 Mbps service.


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