Total North Selects Lite Access to Install Fiber Network in Canada's Yukon Territory

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  • Total North Communications
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Total North Communications, a supplier of communications systems in western and northern Canada located in the Yukon Territory, has selected Lite Access Technologies, an integrated fiber optic solutions provider, to deliver a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network deployment. Total North has placed an order for microduct, fiber, tools, and completion of the training for Lite Access' air-blown fiber technology.

The pilot FTTH rollout will enable high-speed connectivity provided by Northwestel to 70 homes using the most cost-effective, timely and non-intrusive manner, namely air blown fiber deployed using micro-trench methodologies. "Working with Lite Access has provided us with the most cost effective and innovative solution for fiber connectivity available," states Dan Johnson of Total North. "Not only do we have a proven technology that is considered the solution of choice for fiber connectivity, we also have a team at Lite Access that supports and assists us going forward with any and all types of network designs as well as least invasive methods of installation."

Michael Priest, chief commercial officer of Lite Access, states, "Being able to present to our partners and clients a proven and future-proof solution that removes issues faced by others having problems with conventional construction and inflexible technologies is our goal at Lite Access. Importantly, with more and more partners and clients realizing the benefits of our technologies and methods of deployment, cities are becoming more aware of the advantages and are now insisting on micro-trench, micro-drill installation methodologies over the traditional 'digging up street and laying thousands of miles of cables' approach."


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