Town of Estes Park, CO Launches Trailblazer Broadband

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ESTES PARK, CO — Estes Park Power & Communications, formerly Estes Park Light & Power, has established Trailblazer Broadband, a community-owned and operated high-speed internet service that is delivered over fiber optic cable. The Town unveiled its new service during an official launch party to introduce the Trailblazer brand to the community. Trailblazer Broadband service is the only high-speed internet service delivered over fiber-optic lines, resulting in the fastest and most reliable option available to residents and businesses.
“The Town of Estes Park is committed to continuing its legacy as trailblazers,” said Travis Machalek, Estes Park Town Administrator. “Our leaders — the innovative pioneers from Estes Park’s early and recent history — have provided a solid foundation for us to build on today.  This is another tremendous milestone in the history of our mountain community.”
Developed with Residents' Perspectives in Mind
“Founded from cornerstones of community vitality and connectivity, Trailblazer strives to meet the needs and values of our customers,” said Kate Rusch, Town of Estes Park Public Information Officer. “Since the service’s inception, Town developers stayed tuned to local residents’ perspectives to ensure the community voice and values remain at the forefront.”
Businesses and residents are offered several different service options and rates to best suits their needs. The initial startup phase utilizes Power & Communications’ smart grid fiber-optic infrastructure, which already exists in specific neighborhoods and is in development in others. Trailblazer Broadband will be available in some locations this year and will roll out in surrounding areas within the Power & Communications’ service area over the next three to five years. A phase map is available at and it will soon allow users to enter an address to see approximate availability in that area.
To learn more about Trailblazer Broadband service and fill out an interest form for additional updates, visit


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