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RA’ANANA, ISRAEL --A new version of TraceSpan Communications' GPON Xpert analyzer includes network efficiency analysis tools, additional VLAN routing analysis tools and other powerful capabilities.

GPON Xpert is a passive multilayer protocol analyzer for GPON networks, designed for engineers engaged in developing, testing and deploying GPON solutions. GPON Xpert cuts time from GPON development, deployment, debugging, and interoperability testing, accelerating time to market and return on investment.

For network operators and equipment developers interested in network efficiency and utilization, GPON Xpert's new DBA analysis tools enable monitoring of bandwidth allocation and efficiency of the network activity. Parameters, including transmitted vs. idle traffic ratio and ONU and T-CONT queue lengths, are displayed in charts and graphs, along with statistics and information about peak traffic.

For service provisioning, troubleshooting and standard conformance, the newly introduced VLAN routing analysis tools provide a convenient graphical display of the VLAN flow through the GPON network as defined in the Broadband Forum TR-156 and TR-167 standards. With its multilayer analysis capability, GPON Xpert can also compare the VLAN tagging and filtering information defined in the OMCI with that in the actual Ethernet traffic and clearly indicate any mismatch between them.

"Our customers all across the communications value chain are looking for ways to improve the quality of their GPON components and systems and maximize ROI from their GPON networks," says Dr. Hanan Herzberg, TraceSpan founder and CEO. "Now GPON Xpert helps them accomplish this even better than before by providing them with new, powerful capabilities for automated or manual testing of network and equipment, as well as its maintenance and troubleshooting."

These new capabilities, as well as enhancement of automated testing capability, OMCI analysis and increased database storage size, are part of GPON Xpert's latest software and firmware package. This package is available as a free upgrade to all TraceSpan's customers who have maintenance contracts for GPON Xpert and will be included in all the new GPON Xpert units shipped from now on.


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