TraceSpan's NG-PON Xpert Supports TWDM NG-PON2

  • TraceSpan Communications
RA'ANANA, ISRAEL — TraceSpan Communications, a provider of broadband analysis and monitoring solutions, announced that it has enhanced the capabilities of its NG-PON Xpert to support full TWDM NG-PON2 with a revolutionary wavelength tuning mechanism.

This new enhancement module has a unique optical design which allows the NG-PON Xpert to capture any of the 4 wavelengths in the downstream and the corresponding wavelength in the upstream. The user may select a fixed set of wavelengths to capture, or alternatively to follow an ONU as it goes through the handover process and dynamically switch from one set of wavelengths to another.

Supporting the Wavelength Tuning and Handover Processes
"As NG-PON2 optical devices are becoming commercially available, we are getting requests from our customers to help them test their NG-PON2 systems and prepare for their first pilot deployments of this technology," said Dr. Hanan Herzberg, TraceSpan founder and CEO. "Their need for powerful testing tools is becoming even stronger than before, especially due to the additional complexity involved in the wavelength tuning and handover processes. TraceSpan has addressed this need by adding the TWDM NG-PON2 enhancement to the NG-PON Xpert."

The TWDM NG-PON2 module provides a smooth migration path from the fixed-wavelength XGS-PON and XG-PON1 technologies to the multi-wavelength NG-PON2. It is commercially available and has already been shipped to several customers, including Tier-1 service providers in North America.

The TWDM NG-PON2 solution is now offered at promotional conditions for a limited period of time as an upgrade package to existing NG-PON Xpert customers as well as to customers who purchase it as a bundle with their new NG-PON Xpert system.


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