Transmode's iAccess Revolutionizes Large-Scale Optical Access

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STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN -  Transmode, a global supplier of packet-optical networking solutions, announced its new iAccess solution that revolutionizes the way service providers can roll out Ethernet access networks for applications such as business Ethernet and mobile backhaul services.

The new iAccess solution combines a range of Transmode's capabilities into a new solution that enables network operators to roll out highly scalable and cost effective Ethernet access networks for a range of applications. Existing Ethernet access solutions are either derived from more complex optical access solutions or are based on simple residential solutions. This leaves a gap for many applications where the solutions available are either too expensive or too limited in functionality.

Transmode's iAccess solution combines a new compact low-cost network interface device (NID) with the company's iWDM-PON and Enlighten multi-layer management suite to provide a low cost, simple to install/configure/manage and highly scalable solution. The solution uses a remote port architecture, which makes all NIDs into extensions of the Ethernet Muxponder that they are connected to.

With the remote port architecture the NID automatically takes device and service configuration from the network when it is connected. This removes the need for a separate IP address for each NID, saving these valuable and sometimes scarce resources. Coupled with the colorless optical layer through the WDM-PON optics, iAccess creates a highly automated, simple to operate and scalable solution.

Scalability and Simplicity

The new solution is ideally suited to Ethernet-based services that need to scale to large volumes or where simplicity is key. Installation procedures are quick and simple and Enlighten allows operators to create service templates to speed up deployment of multiple identical or similar services. All of which minimizes OPEX costs in addition to the lower initial CAPEX costs.

Business Ethernet services and mobile backhaul to both macro and small cells are both example applications that can greatly benefit from the features of the iAccess solution. Low cost with low space and power consumption makes the NID ideal in these applications and the operational advantages of the overall solution are very beneficial to these services as they scale to large volumes, often with repetitive service profiles.

The new hardware is complimented by the Enlighten multi-layer management suite, including the Transmode Network Manager (TMN) and the Enlighten Portal. The Enlighten Portal allows operators to provide their end customers with a portal that gives them direct access to monitor their own services.


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