Transworld Network Acquires ETC Group to Bolster Fiber Deployment

  • TransWorld Network (TWN)

TAMPA, FL — TransWorld Network (TWN), announced the acquisition of ETC Group, a consulting firm with significant experience in the management, operation and deployment of telecommunication infrastructures. This acquisition will merge TWN’s broadband network design, build, deployment and operations’ strength with the expertise and guidance that ETC Group brings in the areas of consulting engineering, scale operational builds and business growth strategies. David Malfara, President/CEO of ETC Group stated, “TWN is a company with enormous potential to bring industrial strength broadband to rural communities. ETC Group has been working closely with TWN over the past several months and is excited to collectively accomplish even more, as an integral part of the organization.

TWN Communications has been partnering with electric cooperatives to provide broadband solutions to underserved communities for over 25 years. TWN focuses on designing, deploying and operating hybrid fiber-based and fixed wireless networks in partnership with electric cooperatives. A key element of the TWN approach is ensuring that broadband service is made available to all co-op members while reducing financial and operational risks to the co-op.

As a result of this acquisition, TWN will be able to extend its resources to bolster hybrid fiber and fixed wireless deployments. Colin Wood, CEO of TWN expressed, "ETC Group’s engineering consulting practice adds significant value to TWN and the co-ops we serve. This acquisition adds many decades of expertise in the fields of telecom network design engineering, network deployment and certification, operation of software defined networks and success based business growth planning and execution to TWN."


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