Troy Cablevision Deploys 100 Gbps Fiber Network with Optelian

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MARIETTA, GA and OTTAWA, ON – Troy Cablevison has deployed its new 100 Gbps network using ’s MPX-9110 Flexible 100 Gbps platform from Optelian. The low-latency architecture is deployed across Optelian’s LightGAIN optical transport and Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (ROADM) infrastructure.

Covering a six-county area that spans the entire southeastern region of Alabama, the Troy Cable network delivers high-capacity fiber-optic transport from the cities of Montgomery to Troy to Dothan, and all markets in between. The build-out was made possible through the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

With Optelian’s solution in place, Troy Cable is able to quickly turn-up services across its Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and Business (FTTB) infrastructure. In an area of the state where only limited low-bandwidth network options were once available, the advanced Troy Cable network delivers a high-capacity solution to schools, universities, banks, hospitals, healthcare organizations and government and military installations. These industries and others continue to experience fast-growing demand for bandwidth.

“This 100 Gbps enhancement to our network delivers a major expansion throughout the region,” explains Conley Freeman, CTO of Troy Cable. “Never before has there been a contiguous network from Dothan to Montgomery. In delivering this critical inaugural connection, we wanted a high-capacity platform that would allow us to easily scale but still efficiently use our fiber. Optelian’s 100G solution has performed very well. We were able to provision it quickly, and it is an extremely compact, powerful and spectrally efficient solution.”

Future-Proofed Network
With Troy Cable’s new 100G-ready network in place, customers now have options for alternate disaster recovery, scalable off-site storage and the possibility of diverse network paths that didn’t exist before. Optelian has enabled Troy Cable to deliver a 10-fold increase in capacity for customers of its triple play services (data, voice and video). Offering 2.5G, 10G and now 100G wavelengths, Troy Cable now enjoys a solution that enables service providers to offer up to 10 full-rate 10G services on a 100 Gbps wavelength to accommodate expected future demand.

“For a region with minimal choice in the past, our network now delivers options and opportunity to small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises that previously had no access to broadband,” continues Freeman. “It might have been years before some areas of the state received service of this measure. We can now drop high-capacity circuits into areas and attract businesses into the region. We’re excited about the economic development options this opens up for our state.”


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