TVS Introduces Low-Cost Turnkey Digital Headend

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DENVER - Transparent Video Systems Inc. (TVS) announced the Challenger DEM-2800 transport stream multiplexer, including a "starter set" of 56 all?digital programs, for less than $100,000. Designed for independent CATV and MDU operators, the DEM-2800 Digital Headend Solution takes aim at the financial hurdle of switching from an analog cable system to a fully digital operation.

DEM-2800 ProductThis complete TVS digital conversion kit includes conditional access, subscriber management and interactive electronic program guide servers, as well as all necessary encoders, multiplexers, scramblers, simulcrypt support, emergency alert and other components. Standard-definition and high-definition set-top boxes are also included in the offering.

The Challenger DEM-2800 is based on a nonproprietary, open-standard platform that has been widely deployed. TVS has successfully integrated Azar Computer Software's billing and management system with the Challenger platform.

TVS also announced that independent cable operators Telstar Communications, Lindsey Communications and Parasat Cable have become TVS affiliates and are transitioning from their hybrid analog/digital infrastructure to the all-digital Challenger platform so they can offer subscribers standard- and high-definition programming, higher broadband speeds, VoIP and additional services that were not previously available.


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