TWC Business Class Launches Teleworker Solutions

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NEW YORK, NY - Time Warner Cable Business Class announced its Teleworker Solutions, a suite of four bundled packages designed to meet the needs of businesses with remote employees, across its Texas, Mid-West and Pacific West markets. The new bundles will combine high-speed Internet with Business Class Phone and Managed Security to meet the needs of remote workers.

“Making it possible for employees to work remotely has not only become a benefit for companies and their employers, it is also an integral part of managing operational expenses, as well as business continuity planning,” said Jeff Greenberg, regional vice president of marketing for Time Warner Cable Business Class. “Our Teleworker Solutions provide businesses and their employees the tools and applications necessary to increase productivity, convenience and security.”

Time Warner Cable Business Class offers remote access services and security applications designed specifically for teleworkers that leverage our advanced technologies and robust network. These services provide employers with a number of benefits, including increased productivity, the convenience of multiple billing options, and the flexibility to choose the right services that meet their needs, reduce operational costs, and result in a smaller carbon footprint. The Teleworker Solution products save time and money on daily commutes and expensive office space.

Time Warner Cable Business Class Teleworker Solutions features include:

  • High-speed Internet access, with speeds up to 15 Mbps x 2 Mbps

  • Internet access delivered over TWCBC’s wholly-owned hybrid fiber-coax network, assuring reliable business communications

  • Secure WiFi, routing all traffic through firewall to provide an extra layer of protection against unauthorized traffic
    Business Class Phone with unlimited local and nationwide calling and voicemail

  • Managed security solutions, combining a firewall, anti-virus/anti-spyware tools, content filtering, and a desktop personal security suite

  • TWCBC’s dedicated, 24/7 trained customer specialist to support your business


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