Two Missouri FTTH Providers Move to APMAX IPTV Middleware

  • Chariton Valley Telephone Corporation (CVTC)
  • Innovative Systems
  • NEMR Telecom
GREEN CITY and MACON, MO — Lower scalable maintenance costs and simplicity of use for administrators and consumers motivated two Missouri communications providers to switch their IPTV Middleware solution to Innovative Systems' APMAX hardware platform.

One of the companies making the switch was Northeast Missouri Telecom and CEO Jim Sherburne says they appreciate Innovative Systems' efforts to make the middleware easier for companies to maintain and manage and also adds that tools like the Virtual Remote are invaluable in helping to reduce operating costs in an already low profit margin service. Sherburne also mentioned how important it is for a service provider to have quick access to vendor support and says that his expectations in that regard have been exceeded.

Scalable Maintenance Costs
Chariton Valley Telephone Corporation is another Missouri company that has switched IPTV middleware providers and according to CVTC General Manager Jim Simon, while there were many factors that caused them to switch middleware providers, one of the real keys was how Innovative's maintenance and support program is scalable to the size of a providers customer base. Simon added that when you are a smaller provider it is a great cost savings to only have to pay support fees based on your size compared to being charged the same fees as much large companies who are in a better position to absorb those higher costs.

Channel Stats Tool Invaluable
Simon says now that they have the system deployed there are two other features that are being well received internally and externally. Simon and the administrative staff at CVTC are taking full advantage
of the channel stats tool that allows them to gauge channel popularity and trends and it is also being
used to deliver reports to their board members. One of the surprisingly popular features as it has been
all across the country is the APMAX Weather Plus App and Simon's subscribers are no exception as
they have expressed their appreciation with this feature.


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