Two UHS Hospitals Begin Pilots with CareView

  • CareView Communications
  • Universal Health Services
LEWISVILLE, TEXAS - Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center, a 231-bed hospital, and Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center, a 293-bed hospital, which comprise two of five Las Vegas hospitals owned by Universal Health Services (UHS), began the execution of a series of pilot agreements with CareView Communications, Inc., an information technology provider to the healthcare industry.

The pilot agreements are for a three-month period with an extension clause for an additional 30-day period. Under the pilot agreements with these UHS hospitals, CareView agrees to install its CareView System products and services including the SecureView, PhysicianView, NurseView, SitterView, GuestView, BedView, Virtual Bed Rails, and Virtual Chair Rails modules and the Fall Management Program. Both hospitals agree to specifically measure (i) the number of patient falls comparing those beds using the CareView System products and services and those not, (ii) the reduction in sitter costs and (iii) the impact on patient satisfaction.

"As with our other successful pilot programs, we are confident that the pilots with Spring Valley Hospital and Desert Springs Hospital will also prove successful and will lead to a significant deployment as early as the second quarter of 2013. Our CareView System products and services will allow UHS hospitals to manage their patients and hospital beds more effectively while promoting their commitment to patient safety and satisfaction," stated CareView CEO Samuel A. Greco.


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