Tyto Athene Partners with Tellabs to Launch ACUITY LAN Solution

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CARROLLTON, TX — Tyto Athene, full-service systems integrator and inventor of ACUITY by Tyto Athene, announced a partnership with Tellabs, a provider of passive optical network (PON) solutions, on the launch of the ACUITY LAN solution.

Tyto Athene’s ACUITY Micro Data Center was developed to deliver mission-critical edge processing, analytics and unified communications in a turn-key solution that only weighs 30 pounds. With the addition of Tellabs Optical LAN (OLAN), the ACUITY LAN solution is able to scale its tactical transportable network in minutes.

Ensuring Network Readiness

The ACUITY LAN is an edge solution that leverages Tellabs’ OLAN to ensure network readiness in a two person carry form-factor. ACUITY LAN provides a network that is easy to transport, set-up, teardown, power-on and provide a multitude of services. ACUITY LAN spans long distances and allows remote powering of ONT and Power over Ethernet in a reliable, secure, ruggedized system. ACUITY LAN includes Tellabs FlexSym Optical Line Terminal One (OLT1), Tellabs FlexSym Optical Network Terminal 248 (ONT248) and ONT Power/Splitter which provides up to 900 feet of typical low voltage or up to 1.2 miles of digital power. ACUITY LAN is ruggedized with harsh environment connectors and crated in a custom Pelican transport case with backpack mounted fiber spool.

Before ACUITY, setting up communications and IT in adverse conditions required truckloads of equipment and up to 20 or more personnel. Tactical teams were often forced to use ad-hoc solutions that were not interoperable, leaving even more issues to resolve – taking hours or even days to operationalize. By creating ACUITY LAN, Tyto Athene and Tellabs are able to provide compute, storage, security, communications, wired plus wireless connectivity and networking power built to support teams at the tactical edge and are able to re-use the equipment in multiple events or training due to mobility of the solution.

“Optical LAN has been deployed by many government agencies because it simplifies the network, eliminates security vulnerabilities and speeds IT productivity. Now through this partnership with Tyto Athene, we are excited to bring these same benefits into the tactical transportable networking,” said Tom Parisi, vice-president government sales for Tellabs.

“We are excited to be growing our capabilities with our long-time partners at Tellabs” said Fabian Plath, vice president of sales and business development at Tyto Athene. “For us, it made perfect sense to build on our expertise of deploying PON to DoD and civilian agencies and extending this technology to the edge by integrating it with our ACUITY Micro Data Center. We see a lot of potential for this secure, quickly deployable LAN solution. Whether it is being able to enable localized communication and running applications in DIL, disconnected, intermittent, limited bandwidth environments, or empowering first responders to have maximum capabilities at their disposal, the ACUITY LAN is the right solution.”

You can also access additional details about the Tyto Athene and Tellabs joint offerings by visiting the Fiber Innovations website resources.



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