U.S. Broadband Households want YouTube with their Pay-TV Service

  • Parks Associates
DALLAS, TX - Consumers want to be able to access online video as part of their pay-TV service, according to new online video research from Parks Associates, a consumer technology marketing research firm. More than half of U.S. broadband households would like to have a YouTube on-demand feature with their pay-TV services.

"U.S. pay-TV operators enjoy higher ARPU than their counterparts in other countries, allowing them to test and deploy a variety of new services, although many international providers are making similar moves," said Brett Sappington, director of research at Parks Associates. "For example, Virgin Media has added a YouTube app to its EPG for its TiVo customers, answering their demand for access to online video. My presentation at TV Connect addresses how consumers are changing their video-viewing habits as a result of online content and premium services and how operators are changing business models and offerings."

Parks Associates research finds 28 percent of U.S. broadband households watched a full-length movie on a computer in the last two weeks.


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