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CARROLLTON, TX — Tellabs, a provider of passive optical network (PON) solutions, and UberData Networks, a full-service network system integration company, deployed a passive optical local area network (LAN) at SK Food Group’s 220,000 square foot Phoenix, Arizona facility. The Tellabs optical LAN (OLAN) architecture in a manufacturing environment demonstrated a more flexible design and lower in cost, all while balancing both machine and human connectivity needs. Under the leadership of UberData Networks, SK Food Group has successfully implemented Optical LAN at six additional facilities in the US.

The Tellabs Optical LAN solution is a passive point-to-multipoint fiber-based infrastructure for in-building and property-wide network connectivity. Compared to traditional active point-to-point switched design, Optical LAN provides simplicity, centralized management efficiencies, greater network uptime and unparalleled scalability. This all leads to both lower initial deployment costs and reduced ongoing operational cost.

Passive Optical LAN can positively impact IT resources, staffing and budgets. For SK Food Group, these Optical LAN benefits directly contributed to:

  • Up to 50% lower day-1 capital costs
  • 70% reduction in ongoing operational costs
  • Elimination of future network refresh costs

“We saw up to 50% lower equipment savings at our Phoenix facility with an Optical LAN design compared to a traditional copper-based network design,” said Melissa Stone, SK Food Group IT Director. “As a result of deploying Passive Optical LAN technology at our facilities, we’ve gained an approximate 70% savings in operational savings due to reduction in IT engineering, centralized management, and the ability to perform faster moves, adds and changes.”



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