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TORONTO — Waterfront Toronto and Beanfield Metroconnect announced that residents and businesses in new waterfront communities will now enjoy the fastest and most economical high-speed Internet in the city. Beanfield will now be providing subscribers in new waterfront communities with 500 megabit per second symmetrical Internet connections (both uploading and downloading speeds). Residents will continue to receive this enhanced unlimited fiber-to-the-home Internet service at an exclusive rate of $60 per month.

"Unlimited 500 megabit per second Internet service is a game-changer," said John Campbell, president and CEO of Waterfront Toronto. "With more than enough bandwidth to allow workers and entrepreneurs in data-intensive industries, such as film, entertainment, and industrial design to create and collaborate from the comfort of their homes, this will help us establish a new innovation hub and stimulate enduring economic growth to help Toronto remain competitive with other world-leading cities."

Unlimited 500 megabit per second Internet service will also change how typical residential customers use the Internet, with speeds fast enough to download a music album in as little as one second, an hour-long TV show in about three seconds, and a high definition full-length movie in less than a minute.

Broadband has become essential public infrastructure for 21st century communities and the need for faster connections delivered over more robust networks has been intensifying as the Internet has evolved and bandwidth intensive applications, such as gaming, IPTV, VoIP, and safety and security systems are becoming more common.

Innovative, Future-ready Internet
Ultra-Broadband high-speed service delivers a range of benefits to both residential and commercial customers, supporting Waterfront Toronto's vision for Toronto's waterfront: future-ready, innovative and world-class. "We are pleased to offer Waterfront residents leading edge Internet service," said Beanfield CEO, Dan Armstrong. "500 Mbps service is just the starting point. We also recognize the importance of providing users with a responsive, secure network and unlimited data. These are must-haves for developing next-generation apps and services, as well as for facilitating world-wide collaboration, especially critical in the film and screen industries."

In 2011, Waterfront Toronto partnered with Beanfield Metroconnect to create one of Canada's first open-access ultra-high speed broadband community networks throughout Toronto's new waterfront communities. Beanfield is required to ensure that the waterfront network is on par with that of the top seven networks globally in terms of wholesale price and performance for at least ten years beyond completion of the last building.

Homes and businesses in new waterfront communities will be wired with fiber and provided with affordable and unlimited Internet access with speeds exponentially faster than typical North American residential networks. Beanfield will also be providing waterfront-wide Wi-Fi service in public areas.

The open-access ultra-broadband infrastructure is helping to develop these new neighborhoods as intelligent communities and has transformed how residents and businesses receive telecommunications services, promoting economic growth and development, and enabling innovation.

Fact Sheet

  • East Bayfront and West Don Lands - Toronto's new waterfront communities currently under construction - will feature one of the most advanced fiber-optic networks in the world, delivering Internet connection speeds exponentially faster than typical North American networks.

  • The network is being built and operated by Toronto-based telecommunications firm Beanfield Metroconnect in partnership with Waterfront Toronto.

  • Residents and businesses in new waterfront communities will have the highest performance internet services in Canada and network services guaranteed to be "among the best in the world" for at least 10 years.

  • Beanfield is contractually required to ensure that the network is among the seven leading intelligent community network services in the world for at least 10 years beyond the occupancy of the last building in the new communities.

  • To give residents easy access to support, hardware, billing, or to purchase additional services, a store-front and community presence will be created on the waterfront with a team of technical support representatives in place for quick response.

  • A state-of-the-art data center will be located on the waterfront, allowing businesses to run mission-critical servers. Systems will be protected by advanced back-up power or cooling systems.

Residential Services

  • As part of their monthly condo fees, residents will pay $60 for Beanfield's package, which includes unlimited 500 megabit per second internet service (for both uploading and downloading), neighborhood-wide Wi-Fi, and a unique community portal service, which will reflect local needs and interests.

    • Tenants in affordable rental housing units in new waterfront communities will be offered reduced rates.

    • An individual fiber strand will be run to each residential suite built on the waterfront, connecting suites directly to the fiber-optic network servicing each building.

    • The network is capable of supplying 1 gigabit Internet service to every unit if required, and can be easily adapted to supply 10 gigabit service in the future.

    • Businesses will also have easy and affordable access to 1 gigabit and 10 gigabit internet connectivity, with a range of commercial services and packages tailored to all business sizes and requirements.

  • Cost certainty is also an important feature of the service. The fee is guaranteed not to increase for 10 years, from the time the first residents move into each new building. Beanfield is contractually bound to maintain this price for a minimum of 10 years after each resident has moved into their unit.

  • Internet speeds of 500 megabits per second are fast enough to download a music album in as little as one second, an hour-long TV show in about 3 seconds, and a high definition full-length movie in less than one minute.

  • 500 megabit per second unlimited Internet service (uploading and downloading), will enable people living in new waterfront communities to be content producers and developers. Workers in information-intensive industries, such as film and entertainment, software and application development, and industrial design, will have more than enough bandwidth to create at home and upload files to their office, clients or collaborators.


  • The fiber-optic network is open-access which means that a wide range of telecommunications services will provide much greater consumer choice because services from multiple suppliers will be available for selection by residents.

  • Existing telecommunications service providers will have fair and equal access to the network and will be able to offer their services through it, without the very large investment necessary to build a network of this caliber.

  • The open-access network will allow residents and businesses to choose from a variety of content and service providers for Internet, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), safety and security systems, and more.



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