Unclear Customer Demand Slowing Gigabit Service Offerings

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ROANOKE, VA — Broadbandtrends, an independent market analysis and consulting firm specializing in fixed and mobile broadband infrastructure and services, recently
conducted a global service provider survey of broadband operators regarding their plans to offer Gigabit Broadband Services. Gigabit Broadband is required to provide at least 1 Gbps in one or both direction.

Key findings of the survey include the following:

  • More than half of respondents are currently offering gigabit broadband services tobusinesses and Institutions, while 34 percent are offering to the residential market.

  • Being perceived as a technology leader was the overwhelming driver for offer gigabit broadband services and ranked highest in Importance.

  • Cloud-based backup and support for Ultra HD (4KTV) showed the most promise foremerging services over gigabit broadband

  • GPON is the favored technology for residential gigabit broadband deployments; whileP2P Gigabit Ethernet is favored for businesses and Institutions.

  • The number one challenge for offering gigabit broadband services was unclear customer demand, yet a surprising low percentage of respondents are using pre-registration to determine build priority.

  • Operators expressed a significant amount of uncertainty in anticipated take rates for gigabit broadband, particularly ILECs

  • Calix is perceived as the top FTTH Vendor by respondents, followed by Cisco and ADTRAN.


Source: Broadbandtrends LLC.

Source: Broadbandtrends LLC.



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