United Fiber & Data Launches New East Coast Fiber-Optic Network

  • United Fiber & Data
YORK, PA – United Fiber & Data (UFD), which offers a complete suite of all-fiber networking and broadband solutions, announced its plans for a new fiber-optic network that will offer a redundant, highly available, low-latency path from New York City and its surrounding areas to Ashburn, Virginia, connecting top destinations for Internet peering and high-bandwidth networking.

Founded in 2009, UFD has completed all necessary planning and has secured rights of way for the first phase of construction and will break ground on March 1. The company’s high capacity, all-optical network will deliver a complete suite of all-fiber networking and broadband solutions. UFD’s privately owned and operated network will provide customers with a reliable Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) network capable of delivering services up to 100 Gbps.

The UFD network will span more than 300 miles, stretching from New York City to Ashburn, Virginia. It will interconnect with many of the key data center, carrier interconnect and financial trading locations in the New York/New Jersey and northern Virginia areas. Between those two locations, the network will traverse diverse routes through New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland, bypassing the traditional I-95 route and instead stretching through the central Pennsylvania cities of Allentown, Reading, Lancaster and York. From there, the network will travel to Frederick, Maryland and into Ashburn, Virginia.

"We are building a new infrastructure that will create a local cable to support data services to all area businesses such as data centers, healthcare, financial and pharmaceutical providers, said Christopher Lodge, UFD President & COO. "These lines will provide access to new growth in markets that are currently underserved, including more than 3,000+ cell towers that lie within a 10-mile radius. We will be providing the fastest and closest fiber network available to more than 60,000 of the 97,000 businesses within a 10-mile radius.

Lengthy Network Path Designed for Low Latency
Due to its diverse routing, the UFD network has incorporated both logical and physical diversity into its plan, dramatically increasing its reliability. Despite a longer physical path, the network is designed to deliver the lowest latency possible, powered by some of the industry’s most advanced equipment. The additional capacity will drive local and regional commerce and community access, offering more bandwidth flexibility for businesses along or near the network build.

The project also includes running a diverse, low-latency express cable that interconnects major financial exchange areas between the New York and Washington, D.C. hubs. "UFD will be supporting new data center facilities planned in lower-cost, tax-friendly regions of York, Reading and Allentown, Pennsylvania, Lodge added. "This will accelerate hi-tech local jobs and fill the much-needed ramp of cloud services."

Local Musicians Invest in Network
Three members of the multi-platinum band +LIVE+ are major investors in this new network. “The band members are dedicated to their hometown communities in Pennsylvania, and it is their intent to give back to this region that still supports them heavily,” states William Hynes, founder and member of the Board of Directors for UFD. “+LIVE+ band members Chad Taylor, Patrick Dahlheimer and Chad Gracey are honored to be part of this venture, as the new network will provide community access, increase job opportunities and stimulate the local economy.”


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