United States Mint Selects MetTel for Broadband and Wired Services


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NEW YORK The United States Mint has entered into contract with MetTel, a communications and digital transformation company, to provide a wide range of critical communications services to the Mints' six facilities, including one warehouse, across the United States.

"We look forward to providing best-in-class telecommunications services and driving cost-efficiencies for the United States Mint," said Diana Gowen, general manager and SVP, MetTel Federal Programs. "MetTel takes the business of government communications very seriously, especially to deliver the best service for taxpayer dollars."

The Mint is a bureau of the Department of Treasury responsible for producing coinage for the United States to conduct its trade and commerce, as well the manufacture and sale of gold, silver and platinum bullion coins. In order to modernize its telecommunications and prepare for digital transformation, the Mint contracted with MetTel. The Mint will benefit from MetTel's cost-effective and streamlined managed service approach while eliminating redundancies and complications often present with multiple service providers. Among the technologies that MetTel is providing to the Mint are digital subscriber line (DSL) service, T1 service, basic subscriber line, and primary rate interface (PRI) services.

Consolidating Telecommunications Services

By consolidating telecommunications services under a single vendor, according to the award, the Mint intends to leverage the advantages of a converged network, including reduced bandwidth, cost savings, and a single point of management for multiple vendors, technology and circuits.

The Mint joins a growing list of federal agencies and offices that are entrusting their wired and wireless broadband and mobility services to MetTel. The Pentagon recently announced that it awarded MetTel under a $994 million-dollar contract to provide mobility services to the U.S. Department of Defense. As part of the award, MetTel now can provide wireless services and devices for the United States Department of Defense (DoD), including the Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force service members as well as other federal, non-military agencies throughout the United States.

In addition to the Mint and The U.S. Department of Defense, earlier this year, MetTel  announced that the U.S. Marine Corps' chose MetTel to provide high bandwidth internet services to the Corps' recruiting command centers around the world. MetTel is also providing the U.S.M.C. with managed help-desk services supported by the award-winning MetTel Federal Portal and Customer Care team. In addition, MetTel was named to the $50 billion, 15-year Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions contract by the US General Services Administration (GSA).


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