Urban Communications Brings Gigabit Internet to Metro Vancouver Residents

  • Urban Communications
VANCOUVER, BC — Urban Communications announced it has launched Gigabit ultra-high speed internet service to residential consumers in metro Vancouver.


  • Urban's 100 percent-owned state-of-the-art fiber optic network covers 200 kilometres (124 miles) across metro Vancouver and part of Victoria, British Columbia.

  • Low-cost, high-margin Internet service provider: Company-owned network allows Urban to offer its service to residents at an affordable rate of $49 per month.

  • To date, Urban has connected 24 residential buildings in metro Vancouver, representing an immediate serviceable market of 1,800 units and has secured access agreements with 28 additional buildings that represents over 3,000 units.

To meet the burgeoning trend of online gaming and video streaming that is being underserved by dominant service providers, Urban is the first company to meet this challenge head on with ultra-fast and affordable gigabit Internet. Urban's 100 percent-owned fiber optic network covers 200 km through metro Vancouver and metro Victoria, BC and has a catchment area of 850,000 residential units.

Connecting Residential Buildings in Metro Vancouver

Since January 2015, Urban has connected 24 residential buildings in metro Vancouver passing over 1,800 units. To date, Urban has secured over 200 paying subscribers with overall numbers growing on a daily basis. An additional 28 residential buildings representing another 3,200 units have signed access agreements with Urban to deliver Internet service into their buildings and are in the process of being connected to the network. The company targets to grow its user-base to 2,000 subscribers by the end of 2015.

"Following the success of Google Fiber's 1,000 Mbps Internet and TV service in the United States, we feel it's time to bring this product to Canada," said Mike Schmidt, president of Urban Communications. "We are excited to see the overwhelming demand for our product and look forward to connecting more buildings within our network in the coming months."


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