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ANAHEIM, CAUS Internet, an Internet service provider based in Minnetonka, Minn., has deployed active Ethernet FTTP technology, using an end-to-end solution from ZyXEL.

US Internet, which primarily serves business customers and has Internet points of presence in more than 4,000 U.S. cities, was considering migrating to fiber to respond to its customers’ growing demand for high-speed broadband Internet service. After evaluating several technologies and vendors for the upgrade, US Internet estimated that GPON, the fiber technology most commonly used in the United States, would cost a prohibitive $900 per subscriber, and active Ethernet technology was the more economical choice. Moreover, by partnering with ZyXEL, US Internet was able to source the entire end-to-end solution from ZyXEL, which was another key factor in this decision.

“With the boom of streaming video and other data-intensive features driving the mobile market, our customers are demanding even faster Internet speeds, and fiber seemed the most logical next step,” says Travis Carter, vice president of technology for US Internet. “ZyXEL was able to deliver the best, most economical end-to-end solution for US Internet’s fiber broadband service offering.”

US Internet installed ZyXEL’s ES3124F 24-port Ethernet fiber switches in its central offices (COs). These switches are connected via fiber to ZyXEL’s FSG1100 active Ethernet gateway in customer premises. The FSG1100 then connects to ZyXEL’s 802.11n wireless NBG4615 router for blazing fast Internet. US Internet is also able to deploy tiered services using the ES3124F’s built-in rate limiting feature, offering customers a choice of 15 Mbps, 30 Mbps and 100 Mbps service options.

The uniform user interface and management capabilities across ZyXEL products not only make it easy to train US Internet personnel but also simplify integrating them into US Internet’s proprietary management system, called “Muniverse.” This system enables remote configuration and troubleshooting so US Internet can install new services in under 20 minutes, boosting customer satisfaction.

“Customer satisfaction is paramount for us. A successful deployment is one where the service works without interruption. ZyXEL’s products do just that,” says Carter.


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