UTOPIA Begins Building FTTH Network in Pleasant Grove City, Utah

As Washington lawmakers put finishing touches on the broadband infrastructure bill, crews start digging in the city with the first homes to be connected next year.


Pleasant Grove, Utah– UTOPIA Fiber has begun on an exciting expansion of the company’s rapidly-growing, all-fiber network, bringing ultra high-speed broadband to every home and business in Pleasant Grove City. The $20 million project received a unanimous vote by City Council members in April and will be fully built out by 2023, with the first homes connected to lit fiber in 2022.

As the machinery fired up and work began, Pleasant Grove became UTOPIA Fiber’s 16th city with fiber-to-the-home services.

“It’s a big day for connecting America,” explained Timmerman. “As Senator Mitt Romney and other lawmakers are working hard to finalize the broadband infrastructure bill, UTOPIA Fiber crews are digging here in Utah, bringing ultra-fast and reliable broadband service to Pleasant Grove City.”

UTOPIA Fiber is America’s largest Open Access network, meaning that it builds and owns the infrastructure, but allows multiple private-sector internet service providers (ISPs) to compete, making it easier for them to do business while providing increased broadband access for residents. The Open Access model is completely net-neutral and promotes free-market competition, leading to a higher-level of service and lower cost.

“Although Pleasant Grove City’s 38,000 residents are technically ‘served’ by the cable company, community members have been complaining loudly about slow and unreliable internet service. That changes today,” said Guy Fugal, Mayor of Pleasant Grove. “UTOPIA Fiber is here with a proven track record and a loyal customer base. Most importantly, they have been consistently hitting their revenue marks, which is the ultimate quality measure. We’re very excited to start construction.”

Councilman Eric Jensen said: “One of the biggest questions we get as a City is, ‘when are we going to have more options and when are we going to have fiber?’ Today is that day!”

“Competition solves everything,” noted Timmerman. “We’re excited to connect Pleasant Grove City residents, businesses, and students to the fastest speeds in the country.”

Pleasant Grove City—like every UTOPIA Fiber project since 2009—is on track to be funded and grown solely through subscriber revenue, at no cost to taxpayers.  

Including Pleasant Grove, UTOPIA Fiber provides fiber-to-the-home services in 16 cities and business services in 50, connecting communities to residential speeds of up to 10 Gbps, and 100 Gbps for business, both the fastest speeds currently offered in the United States. UTOPIA Fiber is a publicly-owned Interlocal Agency. Participating cities also benefit from various Smart City applications that are enabled by the UTOPIA Fiber network including an early wildfire detection system, fast public WiFi, air quality monitoring services, and more.



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