West Valley City, Utah Gets Connected to UTOPIA FTTH Network

City wide network becomes cornerstone of economic development and improving quality of life. 


West Valley City, UTAH– Wayne T. Pyle, City Manager, West Valley City, Utah, announced that West Valley City is the largest city in Utah fully connected to fiber, and—also notably—the second largest in the United States to be fully connected.

Pyle, who also serves as chair of the UTOPIA Fiber Board, said that having UTOPIA Fiber’s high-speed network throughout the city has been a boon to economic development and quality-of-life.

“UTOPIA Fiber is an important part of our economy in West Valley City,” said Pyle. “Not only have we been able to attract and retain major employers, now having fiber built to every home and business has enabled us to bridge the digital divide. Our community has been a place where generations of families can enjoy a great quality-of-life, while new immigrants can join the community and prosper. This is largely in part to the opportunities the UTOPIA Fiber network provides. Everyone having access to the fastest internet in the country levels the playing field for all,” he added.

“West Valley City was one of UTOPIA Fiber’s original 11 Utah cities. They had the vision in 2002 to bring high-speed fiber to the community, and stuck with that vision through UTOPIA’s difficult early years, and through its turnaround in 2009. The people of West Valley City are reaping the benefits of that vision,” said Timmerman.

“We’re a large city, by both population (140,000 residents) and by land mass,” said Nicole Cottle, who serves as West Valley City’s Assistant City Manager and Board Member of the Utah Infrastructure Agency, UTOPIA Fiber’s financial arm. “Building out West Valley City means keeping pace with our rising population and a steady cadence of development.

She added that “UTOPIA Fiber constructed the gold-standard of fiber networks that will be here for generations and is “a true legacy project.”


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