UTOPIA Fiber to Launch Residential 10 Gig Service

MURRAY, UTAH — UTOPIA Fiber, Utah’s local fiber optic network, launched the state’s first 10 gig residential service offering, providing Utah residents with the fastest Internet speeds in the nation. Referring to the speed in which data flows over the Internet, UTOPIA Fiber’s 10 gig service offers an astounding transfer of data at 10 Gbps.

“For a state that showcases its Silicon Slopes, no other network in Utah will be able to offer internet speeds close to UTOPIA Fiber’s new 10 gig service,” said Roger Timmerman, UTOPIA Fiber’s executive director. “These speeds enable any residence to become the ultimate smart home.”

UTOPIA Fiber’s 10 gig internet speed provides enough bandwidth to stream 1,700 online movies all at the same time from a single connection without any buffering or lag time. In homes where more and more devices require high-speed internet connections, any current or future level of connectivity is supported with this product. UTOPIA Fiber’s 10 gig network will be offered by their ISP partners, Veracity and XMission.


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